Lahore Smart City Society

Lahore Smart City Society

Smart City Lahore or Smart City As you say, this is the first housing project in the city developed on the basis of “Smart Technologies”. Located in the vicinity of Lahore, Lahore Smart City enjoys the most sought-after location in the city. However, many other factors make the company the most coveted company among its competitors. For several reasons, people consider Lahore Smart City to be a superior company due to its solid development. In the past, people in Pakistan, especially in Lahore, have never seen such vigorous progress in a housing society. In this article, we will share the reasons why Lahore Smart City is considered a superior housing company. Smart City Lahore is located on the Lahore Ring Road near Kala Shah Kaku. Future Development Holdings, or FDH, is a management consortium currently developing Lahore Smart City and Capital Smart City Islamabad.

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Lahore Smart City will be the second smart city in Pakistan and will be developed according to international standards designed for global smart city infrastructure development. A Smart City is based on the concept of ecological and sustainable urban development that is digitally networked. Like Capital Smart City, Lahore Smart City aims to cover all the conveniences of people’s lives while offering a sustainable urban lifestyle to the general public. In smart cities, the entire civic infrastructure is based on data. Data collection is carried out on residents, city buildings, transportation infrastructure, etc. Lahore Smart City is also meant to cover all the facilities provided in Capital Smart City Islamabad. Lahore Smart City will appear on about 20,000 channels. Lahore is the capital of Punjab province and one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the world. In the city center, urbanization pressures have increased in recent years. Lahore Smart City aims to play its role in spreading urban stress from the city center to the suburbs.

Location of Lahore Smart City

The Lahore Smart City location is one of the prime locations in Lahore. It is very close to the National Highway N-5. Besides that, you can easily reach the company via GT Road, Lahore-Sialkot Highway, and M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Highway. Among other noteworthy places, Kala Shah Kaku and Lahore Bypass are located in the vicinity of Lahore Smart City. These accessible points and landmarks oblige people to consider Lahore Smart City as a superior housing company. Smart City Lahore’s location is a little away from the hustle and bustle of the city. However, the developers have thrown in the flip side when it comes to choosing the entry points to the company. The likes of the University of Engineering and Technology are just a 5-minute drive from the company. Additionally, DHA Lahore and Allama Iqbal International Airport are just 15 minutes away. Without exaggerating, Smart City Lahore’s location is attractive to investors in the community’s vested interest. If we talk about the Lahore Smart City map, the Lahore-Gujranwala GT Road (N-5) provides a direct entrance to Lahore Smart City. Another accessible route on the Lahore Smart City map is the Lahore Ring Road. Lahore Smart City Payment Plan 2023

The payment plan is one of the main things of concern for every investor. So here you all get happy and do not get worried about the rates as the developers are offering very affordable prices with a flexible installment plan of 3 years.

The price of each Marla here is between PKR 424,500 to PKR 537,000 for residential plots.

The prices/rates of commercial plots are around 22.5 lac per marla where you can book a plot for 10% booking followed by 10% confirmation after one month.

Keep visiting this blog post for updated information about the project. And keep visiting our website for updated information about different projects in the country and find the best property that fits your needs.

Smart City Lahore has to offer residential plots of 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, 12 Marla, and 1 Kanal.

The payment plan is extremely flexible and it’s made with such discretion that any individual can purchase the plot of their choice easily.

The amount itself is incredibly affordable but yes the installments have made the acquisition of plots or houses very easy for people that want to possess a dream to possess a home of their own.

The booking is completed by the advance payment of 10% followed by 10% Confirmation within 60 days and also the remaining amount is distributed in 12 Quarters and every quarter that easy installment is paid. The amount period is 3 years and the amount is split into 12 quarterly installments.

With this best plan, it’s established that each mediocre person is ready to shop for a home for himself and make his life better because all the facilities are needed to steer a life so peaceful.

So don’t miss the prospect and book for yourself the superb deal of plot as soon as possible before it gets occupied by some other person and there’s no room for more bookings of purchase.

Below we have shared all the payment plans that Lahore Smart City introduced. You have to pay a premium on all sizes of plots whether it is in old rates or new. The premium varies each day.

So, call us for more updated information.

Phone No: 0300 1118638

All commercial plots are available with some profit means you have to pay profit with the booking amount to book the plot. The profit amount varies daily. Contact the numbers given below for details.

Below is some additional information that is necessary for the buyers to go through before proceeding to purchase:

Park Facing/Corner/Main Road plots have 10% higher prices.

In addition, the main boulevard plots have 15% higher prices.

10% discount on Lump Sum Payment and 5% rebate on half payment.

MS Fee is PKR 12,000 up to 5 Marla plots and PKR 15,000 for more than 5 Marla plots and 20,000 for any size commercial plots.

The prices mentioned above are subject to change without any prior notice.

Installments are supposed to be paid by the 1st of each installment month.

The prices are exclusive of development costs.

The prices are exclusive of Taxes and Government dues.

In case of failure in confirmation amount within two months of booking automatically result in cancellation and 75% of the booking amount will be refunded in 6 months.

Lahore Smart City Project Plan and Master Plan

The main aim of this project is to provide futuristic amenities to its residents and a unique life experience.

It is going to be an iconic development that will not only enhance the wonder of the town and surroundings but will serve the residents with a snobbish living style.

Capital Smart City Lahore provides its residents an unmatched structural planning, civic facilities, and stunning architecture.

The plan of the project has been carefully designed by dividing the whole society into different categories per different themes. The updated information will be provided soon.

The whole area has been designed to give a modern living coupled with international standard facilities and a peaceful environment.

This project aims to give a new life experience to its residents. This mega-project is like a dream come true.

According to the master plan which is also available on the official website, there are two blocks Executive and Overseas, and multiple districts in the housing venture.

There will be four entrances as you can see in the map picture below.

First entrance A will be on National Highway joining Lahore-Sialkot Motorway and Lahore Ring Road.

The second entrance will be on the main GT Road with the Name B through a railway line underpass.

The third entrance C of Lahore Smart City will be on Sialkot Motorway.

The fourth and final entrance D will be on Chak 44 Road.

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